Summit U20 Buenos Aires 2018

U20 Sherpas held their first meeting in Paris


During the meeting, the cities agreed on common goals, priorities and basic principles to give shape to the U20 initiative. This new space promoted by the City of Buenos Aires, Paris and C40 seeks to incorporate the urban vision into the G20’s debate agenda.

The first meeting of Sherpas of Urban20 (U20) gathered this week in Paris representatives of 23 cities from around the world, which addressed the central aspects of this space that seeks to contribute to the G20 from an urban perspective. With this first meeting, the process that will lead to the Mayors Summit to be held in Buenos Aires in October 2018 was launched.

“This first meeting affirms the commitment of the big global cities to tackle together urban issues that are transversal and that affect more and more people around the world. Many of the challenges that countries have get first to the cites, which is why is key to discuss policy making at the local level to enrich the G20 development agenda”, stated Fernando Straface, Secretary General and International Relations of the City and Sherpa of the U20 for Buenos Aires.

Sherpas from 23 cities agreed in Paris on the thematic axes that will articulate the dialogue with the G20: the future of work, social integration and action for climate. As a result, they made progress on a joint statement addressed to the G20 leaders, which will be published in April and will include the founding principles of U20 and a set of recommendations and contributions to the G20's agenda for debate. Led by the City of Buenos Aires and Paris and facilitated by the Climate Leadership Group of C40 Cities, U20 is a new space for cities to get involved in the G20 and contribute to enrich the dialogue on the challenges of the global agenda.

“It is an honor for Paris to host the first meeting of Sherpas from Urban20. We hope that our joint effort will impact on the local, national and international agendas with regard to climate change, the future of work and social integration”, said Patrick Klugman, Lieutenant Mayor and Councilor for International Relations and Francophony of the City of Paris.

The next meeting of Sherpas will be in Buenos Aires in June, four months before the October Mayor’s Summit. Besides the joint statement, U20 will draft an action plan and a communiqué during the year, documents that will serve as ground to the Inaugural Summit of U20 and, subsequently, will be submitted to the G20 Chair for their consideration.

  • U20 Sherpas held their first meeting in Paris



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